Pascale Monvoisin

Shop a large collection from our favorite Parisian jewelry designer, Pascale Monvoisin. Choose from the classic collection and new Fall 2022 styles.  Pieces from the permanent collection will be available to take with you and the new Fall 2022 styles will be available to order. 

All pieces will be 15% off during the trunk show. 

Iowa City: June 9-11

Des Moines: June 16-18

Pascale Monvoisin creates her jewelry like an artist paints a masterpiece. With subtle, nuanced touches and no fear of imperfections. For Pascale, beauty is born in irregularity, imperfect symmetry, and the mark of the human hand.

Every single stone she uses was selected by her, one by one. She often jets off to Jaipur to choose the turquoise, tourmaline, labradorite, moonstone, and even diamonds that mingle in her creations. The common denominator is gold: a trusted, stable, comforting metal. Antique jewelry is an integral part of her world. She admires their lines, colors, their patient structural work.