Collection: Il Bisonte

Comfortable luxury, unconventional elegance, authentic beauty that transforms itself over time: the casual-chic style of Il Bisonte is the ideal life-partner for those who love the Made in Italy excellence and long for high-quality leather bags and accessories that can change with them and their vision of the world.
Il Bisonte is a Florentine brand of quality craftmanship founded in 1970 by Wanny Di Filippo. Manufacturing takes place exclusively in Tuscany, and utilizes fine leathers processed naturally through vegetable tanning.
The brand's mission has always been focused on environmental, social and consumer sustainability.
All raw materials are carefully selected and processed by master Italian artisans and each product is made to last over time while preserving its beauty and uniqueness. With sun exposure and daily use the cowhide leather darkens and testifies to the value and quality of the bags and accessories, confirming Il Bisonte's mission for sustainability, an initiative that has accompanied its production philosophy for over fifty years.